Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • numlock
    Feb 22, 12:37 PM
    Firt find the specs for your USB turntable. If it is only doin 44K and 16-bits there is no point saving as 24-bits and 96K. Save the data at the naticve bit depth and sample rate.

    As for format, any lossless format will do as will uncompressed WAV. Save your archive that way but you may wantothe compress to ssmall files for use with iTunes and your iPod.


    I always wonder how they sell these USB turn tables. I would have thought that anyone who has vinyl records would already own a turn table and would simply use that connected to the audio input on the Mac.

    Thanks. How exactly do I find the specs for the turntable? Is there something on the computer that can tell me it?

    I did call ion up and they recommend 44k and 16bit so I guess thats the specs.

    Well I do own an old pioneer turntable but I saw this one day on woot and just decided to get it. Ive questioned my purchase a few times since then but I at least want to try it out.

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  • vincenz
    Apr 3, 12:13 AM
    You're almost making it sound like you're actually planning to lose your phone.

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  • void
    Sep 25, 08:07 PM
    i know someone who just purchased a dual ghz box with 2 GB of ram. The extra .25 mhz isn't worth it becuase it is bottlenecked anyways by it's slow-assed system bus. The ram on the otherhand, is great for the after affects, FCP and photoshop work hes doing.

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  • gamestriker
    Mar 6, 09:29 PM
    I had a 12 inch 867 before, and I could have cooked eggs on that baby! :eek:

    I got a new 12" PB, and its stays very cool, unless your running some intense programs, like 3D games (i.e. Unreal Tournament 2004).


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  • iamthedudeman
    May 5, 09:20 AM
    get ready to wait awhile. I ordered a 27 imac the day they were available. shipping time is jun 15th arrive jun 22nd.

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  • eternlgladiator
    Feb 18, 02:42 PM
    I'm interested to see what he's planning to build in it's place.


    These were out quite awhile ago since he needed them to get approval to demolish a "historical home". They're aren't crazy detailed and I've heard they may be faked but it seems very utilitarian just like most apple products.


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  • PowerGamerX
    Apr 27, 06:59 PM
    Do you use software for longer?

    Are you using different software?

    How often is often?

    Are there any repeat offenders?

    Are you doing different things now?

    Your description is incredibly vague.

    If applications are crashing, that may or may not have anything to do with Snow Leopard.



    Couple times a week

    Steam, iTunes, and the iWork apps come to mind


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  • applemike
    Jul 28, 07:49 PM
    Just saw this in my home town


    Police car fail? or tow truck win?


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  • cherryman19
    Apr 9, 09:07 PM
    No luck with my ipod touch 3g and I have tried this on a mac and windows..

    i get error code 1604

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  • sparkleytone
    Sep 17, 09:56 PM
    follow the link. the guy has some great designs.


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  • illicium
    Mar 13, 10:40 PM
    Safari 5.1 on Lion for me is, without exaggeration, 4 times faster loading pages than 5.0.3 on SL. It's insanely fast loading anything from HTML5 to Flash content.

    It's not just snappier, it's in a different realm.

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  • MaxBurn
    Apr 16, 08:54 AM
    Yeah, the list of things it works well on is quite narrow. There is a google spreadsheet with compatibility somewhere. I was under the impression retina pad was far superior but I never bought it. Also moved to another app that was native ipad for the app I wanted to make fullscreen.


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  • jeremy.king
    Dec 2, 12:36 PM
    EveryMac.com lists the estimated current cost at $1200-1400
    I would be happy at $1000

    EveryMac is usually a bit high.

    heres a couple that are close to yours.

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  • trainguy77
    Dec 1, 04:09 PM
    still waiting on a 64-Bit SMP client

    I thought it was 64-bit? After all there is no 32 bit linux version yet so I would think the OS X version is 64 bit.


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  • sushi
    Dec 17, 09:02 AM
    It looks like MJ and Mr. M gave you some great tips.

    MJ was correct, I was thinking the airport side of things. But it now looks like the PB side of things.

    Agree with the others, get it to Apple to be fixed. That way you'll be sure the problem is corrected.

    MJ and Mr. M, great job! :D

    Oh, and after you get your PB fixed, you may still have problems connecting to your Airport. In that case delete the preference file first. If that doesn't work, then I would reset the Airport and then use the Airport Setup utility to set up the Airport. Just be sure that you have your ISP data handy before you do this.

    Please let us know how it work out.

    Good luck!


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  • Don't panic
    Aug 16, 09:48 AM

    I would have sweared this was the new iJelly.
    what do you know. You live. You learn.


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  • sineplex
    Sep 25, 06:18 PM
    Same here! I was using an app that provided me 20% on a merchandise and the sales asked me how I got it on my "iPhone." :rolleyes::D

    what was the app? sounds interesting.

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 22, 04:36 PM
    I guess Judgment Day is over, but how will I know whether or not to come up out of this bunker?

    Just in case I think I'll stay down here. I have a 3-year supply of water and canned food.

    Is this why we have a ratings system now?

    Skynet took over MacRumors!!:eek:

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  • macmaster24
    May 4, 10:42 PM
    hey everyone i just installed the dev version of lion on my spring 2011 mbp. i got the run around but finaly installed it. it sucked rlly bad. so i wanted to uninstall it and reinstall snow leopard. so i put the disk in, the window opens up, i it on the installer, then a window poped up and said "this application cannot be installed on 10.7". so i look around the internet franticaly looking for a solution. one guy suggested that i should insert the disk, go to sytm prefs, and select the disk as the start-up disk. then i restarted the comp. it turned off then on. i could hear the disk running but then it just went to that gray screen with the apple and has stayed their for the last half an hour. i have tried force shut-off. and it turns on and just stays at the gray apple. and btw i didnt back any of my stuff up so P L E A S E I honestly BEG: SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! im freaking out!

    May 5, 02:31 PM
    I just removed AdSheet from my iP4 via SSH and ended this annoyance once and for all. No ill effects whatsoever. I was getting the same result when I ran Accuweather, another app that runs iAds. Not any more!!

    Apr 23, 07:11 PM
    Ok so do you guys think they would increase the amount of batteries in the keyboard?

    I'm aware that it wouldn't be a very apple thing to do, but what do you think?

    Currently the batteries take up about half of that little cylinder shape at the top. If they really squeezed they could put 4 batteries instead of two in there... But that would still only last 4-7 days tops.

    Apr 14, 02:37 PM
    I have iphone 4 white and my front is little bit yellowish or lemonish compared to back plate.

    Do they still make it this way or did they correct it and it matches the white rim of backplate(real white color)?

    Mar 20, 11:55 AM
    PSN pricing puts VC prices to shame.

    This is probably the only reason Sony made PSN prices so cheap, don't you think?

    Dec 15, 07:13 PM
    Hey I'm on right now if you'd like to chat. Suladead2048

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