Monday, June 6, 2011

cody simpson hair

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  • Cody has already released a

  • likegadgets
    May 5, 12:36 AM
    Planning on ordering a new 2011 iMac with a 256GB SSD and 2TB drive.
    Current 2010 iMac hard drive has one drive with about 375GB.

    In previous migrations - it was as simple as booting the source Mac with the "T" and allowing the transfer via Firewire.

    The full image will not fit on the 256GB SSD. I know I can manually move user files to an external drive and reduce the image for a full copy and then move that data to the HD on the new iMac.

    Any better suggestions?

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  • 1. short hair like cody

  • *LTD*
    Apr 19, 06:31 AM

    16 MP in a phone for what?

    Because they ran out of ideas.

    When all else fails just slam a bigger camera in there. Just play the specs game. Never mind the software ecosystem.

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  • Heilage
    Apr 7, 12:52 AM
    Lesson: Don't install preview/beta OS over your original OS when you are relying on that machine.

    I thought this was mandatory information. Come on, why would you ever run a beta on your everyday computer?

    Makes sense to me..

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  • arcrius
    Apr 9, 07:57 PM
    Do you know by any chance how to downgrade?

    Yes I do! :D

    1. Go to Then scroll down to iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Apple TV and then click the arrow to scroll down and select your device and firmware. Then click download and save it to your desktop or downloads folder.

    2. Go to and on the right you can download TinyUmbrella according to your operating system. Save this to desktop or downloads folder.

    3. Go to and download iREB RC4 according to your operating system and unzip the file to your desktop.

    4. Once all downloads are complete plug in your device and run iREB. Then choose your device, and follow the instructions to get into PWNED DFU mode. Then open TinyUmbrella and click on Start TSS Server. These programs will bypass a few errors in iTunes when you are downgrading.


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  • DePaulBlueDemon
    Feb 12, 10:31 AM
    I nominate this as Thread of the Week.

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  • AWallen90
    May 4, 09:49 AM
    Are either of these options possible?

    1. He sends the iPhone 4 32GB to you, and you have to give the post office employee the iPhone 4 16GB in exchange for the one he sent you?

    2. He refunds the 100au or so difference between the iPhone 32gb and the one he sent you?


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  • Don Kosak
    Nov 10, 01:30 PM
    I expected the end of the year break.

    When I heard the rumor about Thanksgiving, I was taken aback. With iOS 4.2 launching soon, and getting new features and bug fixes out to support the new OS, it would be rough on end-users and developers to take that week off.

    I'm glad we'll still have access across Thanksgiving.

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  • Zen0Jin
    May 6, 01:00 PM
    The 6970 came out this year.

    @OP: Yes it will handle decent gaming for about that time, but expect that you may have to play future games at slightly lower setting over the time.

    No, the 6970 is a 2 year old card. It may have come OUT this year.


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  • SevenInchScrew
    Apr 3, 03:56 PM
    I'm pretty excited for this game. Forza 3 did a lot right in my book, and was very fun. With a few tweaks and improvements, this game could be really amazing. I can't wait for E3 to see more of this.

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  • AppledUp
    Apr 23, 05:15 PM
    Hey everyone looking to buy a stand for my MBP and I've seen a few but what ones the best for the money?


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  • cody simpson 2011.

  • DocT
    Apr 30, 11:47 PM
    I have seen posts in which people ask about gaming on the mac without windows, using multiple monitors, or thinking of upgrading to a mac pro. None of these accurately describe my problem. I know that mac os x does not support crossfire.

    I have a 2009 mac pro. I use os X for everything except gaming. The 5770 does what I need it to do on the mac side. Gaming under bootcamp with windows 7 is not as good as I would like. I will only be using one ACD 27" and no other monitor. I do not wish to put a 2nd PSU in the 2nd optical bay slot.

    So, should I order another 5770 and use it in crossfire or sell the 5770 that I have and upgrade to the 5870. As I recall, crossfire is not a mobo thing. If this has been answered before, I apologize in advance.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • MobiusCreative
    Apr 13, 12:48 PM
    I have an iPad v.1 running iOS 4.2 that won't update to iOS 4.3. Says "Your iPad software is up to date". I've got the latest iTunes (10.2.1) and I've even updated my wife's iPad just fine. Thoughts? The Googles hasn't helped.

    On top of that the 4.3 IPSW is gone from the wife's install so I can't restore to that.


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  • Darth.Titan
    Feb 15, 09:26 AM

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  • patrick0brien
    Jul 21, 03:51 PM

    Hit the "Capture Now" button, end your capture with "esc.".

    It should ask you to name the clip.

    You could always "Import" the "Media" folder of iMovie captures too - I primarily use this when I'm capturing analog video that lacks a timecode that FCX can use.


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  • cjc343
    Nov 7, 02:40 AM
    The point is, it ISN'T corrupted, and I have tried resaving pictures. There is nothing wrong with the pictures themselves, and my first thought was that it was Apache (2.0.52) but I don't see how that could be the problem.

    After a little more testing, they load fine when I use localhost as the address, but not when I use the no-ip address.

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  • nomad01
    Sep 23, 01:23 PM
    Is it because that might be the date when they bring out the new updates we've been waiting for so long??

    Or am i just puting 2 + 2 together and getting 'Dual Core'? :)

    As far as I know it's not closing on the 3rd. It's just not going to open every day after the 3rd. It'll go back to just opening once a week... on a Wednesday... from 10am. :-)

    I'm curious as to why they're suddenly getting rid of SO much though.


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  • bedifferent
    Mar 13, 09:24 PM
    I took a look at the plist files, but couldn't find anything other than the icons that show up at the top in the middle. They're the ones with color. I did find one thing interesting, however - in the Resources folder are icons for Drop Box, as shown in the attachment. Maybe this indicates Apple purchasing Drop Box for integration into Lion. We'll have to see if this remains until the final, consumer, release.

    Yeah that's the folder, and I didn't even notice the "Dropbox" icons lol. Very interesting.

    I replaced a lot of those icons and sidebar icons from a frameworks-resource file with colored versions, haven't rebooted yet but I'm curious if it'll take. I replaced the iTunes sidebar icons with the .rsrc file, it'd be nice to have the same fix for Finder and Mail.

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  • Mammoth
    Apr 17, 10:57 PM
    Folding is fun for me because not only do you help research cancer.. I think it's fun gaining points, even though I'm really bad at it.

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  • archer75
    May 6, 06:34 PM
    I run a windows server at home with my movie collection and it has that uptime and then some.
    In fact the only time it goes down is when the power goes out or I turn it off when I go on vacation.

    On my acer windows 7 laptop, aside from going to sleep I haven't restarted it in months.

    Dec 12, 08:32 PM

    Jul 9, 05:35 PM
    Are they some of these? ( Some of those bids seem rediculously low for someone to be selling them...:(

    Apr 25, 03:09 AM
    Anyone wanting to take up the challenge of developing a replacement for WinClone I would like to speak to them.

    I am talking about a commercial (PAID) engagement to write software that I would then have IP ownership over and would sell commercially. Happy to discuss revenue share models or straight $ for doing the job.

    There are some additional features over and above current WinClone I would like to discuss.

    NB: I am also canvasing recruitment agencies for a contractor to do this, plan to have something in place by middle of May, so first come first served.

    Apr 27, 05:29 PM

    May 1, 02:40 PM
    It does not resolve even after reboot/hard reboot/restore.

    Restore and reboot and hard reboot are all different things. Have you done ALL of them or just the reboots?

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