Wednesday, June 1, 2011

grace hightower in precious

grace hightower in precious. Precious. Original Title
  • Precious. Original Title

  • kuwisdelu
    Apr 13, 06:22 PM
    That's not an error, just a warning or message telling you the following: in one of the default R packages called "datasets" there is also a variable called "sleep," and since you're using attach() on a different variable also called sleep, you won't be able to access the sleep variable in the "datasets" package in the same way anymore. When you ask for "sleep," R will use your version.

    If you're familiar with namespaces or global variables vs. local variables in any other programming language, it's similar to that. If not, basically, it's telling you there are two things called "sleep," and since you've told R to use yours, the other one is now hidden or "masked."

    I'd suggest not using the attach() function, and just accessing variables through the $ operator. Do fp1c$sleep instead, or use data=fp1c if you're using it in a function like lm() or something.

    grace hightower in precious. Oprah Winfrey, executive producer of quot;Precious: Based on the Novel #39;Push#39; by Sapphire,quot; waves to photographers at the premiere of the film at AFI Fest 2009
  • Oprah Winfrey, executive producer of quot;Precious: Based on the Novel #39;Push#39; by Sapphire,quot; waves to photographers at the premiere of the film at AFI Fest 2009

  • AlBDamned
    Sep 7, 09:48 AM
    I really thought that his retirement after this year's Tour was very classy - it is rare (and refreshing) to see somebody going out on top. But it's his call....

    ...As to his fitness, I'm sure few people doubt he is capable of winning an 8th Tour (heck, he could probably go for 10 and do it) - but he knows his own fitness best....

    ....I just hope Lance doesn't end up like Michael Jordan...

    Lance has said he'll retire or has even retired before I think, but coming out of retirement 'just to p*ss them off' is a bit lame. Imagine if he got beaten? He'd look like a chump. I'm not saying he would get beaten, but coming out of retirement on that agenda is asking for trouble. Sticking two fingers up at them has already been done by whipping everyone for the last 7 years. I think the French are just pissed that the tour became Tour de Lance instead of Tour de France.

    PS. Don't diss MJ - you run a good chance of being struck down.... ;)

    grace hightower in precious. Tibetan filmmaker Tenzin Salshey and his production team held a press conference today about their new film, “A Precious Human Life” (Melue Jhurpoche),
  • Tibetan filmmaker Tenzin Salshey and his production team held a press conference today about their new film, “A Precious Human Life” (Melue Jhurpoche),

  • Matthew Yohe
    Dec 28, 02:59 AM
    I'm guessing that this is a bug that would be fixed in the future when OS X supports writing to NTFS volumes natively.

    So, if you want to share something on your Mac over the network, and you want to define users and their permissions, you should make sure that the folders that you're sharing are on a drive or partition formatted to HFS+.

    Ah nice, but don't expect OSX to support writing to NTFS in the future. The way that things like 3G-NTFS or whatever write to a NTFS volume is sort of hacky anyway. If you can, I would look into using exFAT now instead of NTFS (if that works for your environment).

    grace hightower in precious. Precious
  • Precious

  • sparkleytone
    Jul 11, 11:51 PM
    this is not a bug. its always been that way. it truncates your password. better yet, it just ignores everything past 8 chars.


    grace hightower in precious. Claireece Precious Jones
  • Claireece Precious Jones

  • Ibanez Strummer
    Oct 11, 08:16 AM
    I second Andy McKee and Raul Midon. I would look at somebody like Newton Faulkner. He's big in england and his live set is just him and acoustic rather than with some of the other instruments on the two albums. Maybe City & Colour for something a bit more emo.

    Did you mean generally acoustic or instrumental?

    grace hightower in precious. She looked so precious in
  • She looked so precious in

  • dejo
    Apr 21, 12:18 PM
    Oooh, a YouTube tag.

    YouTube: video (
    With fancy quote handling...


    grace hightower in precious. first precious photographs
  • first precious photographs

  • Yvan256
    Mar 1, 08:43 AM
    Has anyone tried the litescribe on the new lacie burners?

    Can't wait for LightScribe either... I'm only hoping Apple will add that feature to all computers in their next rev. Imagine burning a CD with iTunes and having album arts + tracks written on the label, or making a movie and then having a label made from the main menu/title image (or something). It would be perfect for laptops too (no need to carry extra hardware).

    grace hightower in precious. Gallery: quot;Preciousquot; screening
  • Gallery: quot;Preciousquot; screening

  • greenmymac
    Oct 25, 09:21 PM
    How ironic...a month after I LEFT Tulsa they open an Apple store *slaps forehead*

    Will b there



    grace hightower in precious. paula patton and robin thicke
  • paula patton and robin thicke

  • mkrishnan
    Mar 19, 01:25 PM
    Enough. :rolleyes:****.jpg

    The marketplace is not the soapbox.

    grace hightower in precious. quot;Precious: Based on the
  • quot;Precious: Based on the

  • MrMacMan
    Jul 16, 09:37 PM
    Haha, I registed like a year after you after floating around the boards for about 6 months.

    ah well.

    edit: 1807 I PWN most of you! ;)



    grace hightower in precious. quot;Precious: Based on the
  • quot;Precious: Based on the

  • SB123
    Apr 18, 09:02 PM
    couple more...

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  • a español - precious

  • Chone
    Mar 27, 09:00 PM
    Doesn�t this thread belong to 2000 or something?

    10GB iPods? N64 expansion paks? Heh, doesn�t look like a new post thats for sure.

    As for your question it improves the image quality somewhat but some games (like Majora�s Mask) require it so its not a bad purchase... as for getting one, try ebay...


    grace hightower in precious. Awww…How Precious
  • Awww…How Precious

  • upsguy27
    Jun 19, 04:07 PM
    Yes, I am actually doing this on here.

    I need to sell my iphone in anticipation of the 3G iPhone. My Phone just came from apple today, and still has a plastic cover on it.


    I live in Los Angeles. Local Sales are preferred, give me some offers.

    Its New, but I will post pictures none the less when I can.

    I am more than willing to Unlock the phone for use on any network

    I'm willing to accept any reasonable offer, but am looking at $350 +



    Do you accept trades? I would trade you my 16GB iPod Touch for the iPhone. If you wanted, you could then sell the iPod and make more money than you would selling the iPhone :p

    grace hightower in precious. VA - Precious (2009/Soundtrack
  • VA - Precious (2009/Soundtrack

  • mcvaughan
    May 2, 02:54 PM
    I use one of those cheap ones for more than an year! I'm very satisfied. Although I had to modify it a little bit it costed me about 10$.

    Interesting you say that. I had to modify mine as well to get my Vertex 2 to fit in the OptiBay. I had to shave down some of the plastic to get the screw slots to line up properly. The MCE OptiBay is kinda flimsy, but it does seem to work just fine.


    grace hightower in precious. The Precious star Paula Patton
  • The Precious star Paula Patton

  • Doctor Q
    Jun 19, 12:05 PM calderone: The key we all want added to our keyboards chaosbunny: Mousepointer making infinite loop jayducharme: History of Mac design solarthecat: !0,000,000 Posts TheSlush: 10 million ideas ... and counting tuckerja: Garageband Classic

    grace hightower in precious. Precious Based on the Novel
  • Precious Based on the Novel

  • rebootit
    Mar 2, 10:02 AM
    This server has always had a static ip and is assigned by my provider as 1 of a block of 5. I don't use the wake on lan and don't allow sleep. It should always be running and always on the static I assigned from my block. It also had not restarted in the middle of the night because the server stats showed it had been up for 44 days. The only change I had made in the past month was turning on airport and set it to join an already active network. I can understand now that there may have been a conflict in the dhcp between a couple of machines but would that have affected the server which has a static number assigned to it? It didn't affect the mail or web server in any way. Just caused the apple tv's and the local machines to forget where the media was since the path they had didn't exist anymore.


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  • Poza Grace Hightower

  • renewed
    Aug 4, 06:02 PM
    So since it is Wednesday I am assuming this amounted to absolutely nothing.

    grace hightower in precious. series for Precious Hearts
  • series for Precious Hearts

  • arn
    Jan 11, 03:05 AM
    ...and can we make it a bulleted list without destroying the majik?

    er... I just tried, but I broke the magic. wasn't as easy a change as I thought. I'll have to get back to you on this one.


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  • Precious Hearts Romances

  • mdntblu
    Aug 14, 10:35 PM
    Go back to the store with an AT&T Wireless phone and press *ID (*43) and hold the phone up to the headphones for 15 sec and it will text message you the name/artist of the song.

    Oct 26, 10:34 AM
    I was gonna say you'd be a pretty sad bastard to go for a shirt only, but I'm sure if your buying something else and explain your situation, they'll oblige you.

    Jun 20, 11:51 PM
    Any one planning to camp out?

    Nov 16, 12:26 PM
    no. but if you want better 'sound quality' then use a higher quality compresion (192 kbps instead of 128 kbps it makes a difference and sounds MUCH better than the 96 kbps that some mp3 players compress at). with 40 GB or the new 60 GB photo iPod availble you should have plenty of room for a better compresion.

    I always rip to the highest compression rate, or uncompressed.. My problem with the ipod was that at loud volumes it distorted. The problem is with the signal-to-noise ratio on the device..

    I'll look into the JBL Creatures... But I think I'm going to have a hard time replacing my THX 2.1 Klipsch speakers. I'm going to see how good they look alongside my mac.. I dont know if you guys have heard these speakers before, but they are amazing!

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Mr. Anderson
    Sep 21, 10:46 AM
    Originally posted by Nipsy
    Friday nights are the standard maintenance period for the Apple store.

    You should get excited when you see that graphic, and it is not a Friday night.

    Ah, oh well. It was fun for a second or two.....

    Jun 23, 09:09 PM
    iPhone headset, nano tubes, and iPod sock received today! Excellent seller.

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