Sunday, June 5, 2011

katherine jenkins wallpaper

katherine jenkins wallpaper. Katherine Jenkins, 30
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  • NttDocomo
    May 6, 01:29 AM
    wow I am surprise to see this.

    Thanks for all the help. I downloaded the iStat program and found that the highest temp is around 40 to 50 degree C. I thought that's not normal and worry that it will hurt the inside components.

    I will try to put my macbook with more load and see if the temp goes up even higher. I am surprise macbook has such high temp as I never experienced this type of heat when using other brands of laptop! :(

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  • Ashapalan
    Sep 14, 10:14 AM
    a family friend has had hers done. But she spent over a grand on them.

    So it sounds like a good deal based simply on the grand.

    But, she doesnt drink wine or coffee anymore.

    That to me would be quite a sacrifice!

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  • TomKing
    Apr 26, 07:08 PM
    If its video editing for after, with a mind to move towards after effects.

    While the CPU is important to this, Really you should look more at the RAM your going to use and how much (lots is the answer), and IMO the most important thing, the GPU.

    In a windows i7 machine, I run 16GB of DDR3 1600MHz ram, and use a PNY Nvidia Quadro FX card. (the 4800 if your interested)

    This made the biggest difference to the editing suite. The difference between gaming cards and professional editing cards is immense. The pro cards do things like effects on the fly, and rendering on the fly, and these are the bits that really make multiple layers of 1080p possible. And I have a friend who runs the 3800 in his, and again this works fantastically.

    And as well as the GPU you can start to look at addional cards, we've been using the matrox CompressHD card for a while. And absolutely love it.

    Also you should look at hard drive arrays. An SSD for the boot drive and to run the programs from. Then a scratch drive, for after effects, plus a media storage drive, plus a project drive, plus a backup drive. (which if you stick the SSD in the second optical drive bay it all just abouts fits)

    But yeah, the other point to note out is that a good few of the plug-ins that we use for Adobe Premiere and after effects are only single processor enabled. so 20 cores at 2.2Ghz isnt going to be as fast as 2 cores at 3.5Ghz. (for those effects at least)

    Video effects, and especially at 1080p are going to be huge, and really test out a system.

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  • arn
    Oct 31, 02:52 AM
    Hmm... sorting Jetson's seems to work for me.

    Is it still not working for you?



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  • Amadeus Zull
    Jun 29, 10:27 PM
    6am wake up + shower
    6:45am leave to commute to work (AT&T store close by)
    7:30 join line
    8:30 realize I have a 10am meeting at work (panic starts)
    8:45 32gb sold out
    9:30 finally made it inside
    9:45 finally get a rep
    9:46 fed ex guy walks in (I smelled the 32gb)
    9:53 out the door with a 32gb (I wanted to yell "get to dah chopper!)
    10:06 casually walked into the scheduled meeting

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  • itsjustmeee
    Apr 4, 11:31 AM
    Is there any advantage to pairing an ipad 2 and a macbook pro together via bluetooth? Any practical applications that this can be used for?


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  • Aries326
    Jan 16, 12:54 AM
    It's too bad NBC pulled out. Now I'll just have to download pirated boxed sets of their shows already available in iPod format. Granted, I'll be a season behind, but I don't watch much TV to begin with. I just heard some of their shows are pretty good and wouldn't mind checking some of them out.

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  • marlomarizza
    May 6, 01:38 PM
    My displays are set at 1920x1200 � is this right? is there another resolution setting somewhere?


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  • maconservative
    May 6, 09:38 AM
    I had the same heating issues while playing WoW on my 15" Late-2009 MBP. I began looking at coolers and decided on the Rain Design mStand. While not an active cooler, it does lift the notebook off the desk surface, providing better air circulation. The aluminum design also helps dissipate heat. As an added bonus, it looks great too.

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  • Zeus86
    Mar 24, 01:59 PM
    I have been using Windows 7 on bootcamp and I have noticed that the battery depletes very fast. Is this a common problem?


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  • applemike68
    May 3, 06:25 PM
    Hi all,

    Just purchased my first mac and have a couple of questions.

    1. When I use an external monitor and choose mirroring to show on the external the display is really bad compared to the laptop. How do I fix this, I want the external display to look as crisp as the laptop. Also, I'm using the HDMI adapter. When i go to display properties it shows 1280 x 800 is max I think...Any ideas?

    2. Why won't safari pages and itunes go to full display? Does that make sense? All i get is the small pages when you open them up. I see the green button but it dosen't seem to fix my problem.

    I'm sure I will have more as I get more into this.

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  • old-wiz
    Jul 1, 07:01 PM
    The iPod touch bluetooth only works for headphones. There's no profile for anything else. Even if there was one, there's no user visible file system on the iPod Touch.


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  • Austin M.
    Apr 6, 03:31 PM
    Looks like it's dual injected with silicone.

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  • iManny
    Jun 23, 05:29 PM
    For the people planning on showing up at 2 am or 5 am or any time before 7 pretty much... is it because you don't have a reservations, or because you need to get your phone before work at 9? Or is it for any other reason? Do you not believe it will be possible to get a phone if you show up at say 7 or 8 am?

    If I have a reservation and I show up at 8 am, do you think there will be a phone for me? Personally showing up at 8 am and waiting 3 hours would be much more pleasant than showing up at 4 am and waiting 3 hours and getting the first phone at 7.

    Is it just because people need to have their phone at 7 am that they camp out, or because they are worried they will not otherwise get one?

    I have a reservation but im doing it more for the fun of staying up, meeting a few new people and having the phone early so i can play with it all day and not worry :D


    katherine jenkins wallpaper. katherine jenkins 2011.
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  • r0k
    Apr 28, 12:38 PM
    I would say that OS 9 was Apples Vista and that was over 10 years ago.

    Things I like about SL:
    +1 I gained back about 20 gig on a 160 gig drive.
    +1 App store. Yes I like the app store and the only thing I have mixed feelings about is it wants to put everything I buy in the dock. That's not gonna last long.
    +1 $29. It's been a long time since I got a new OS for only $29. No wait. Never. This is the first time I've got a new OS this cheap without going through some OEM or student status ritual.
    +1 Dock. I like the tweaks SL brought to the way the dock works.

    Things I don't like about SL:
    -1 Less stable than Leopard but the biggest culprits I found for making my machine lose its mind were: Firefox 3.x, Eyefi center (previous version), Handbrake (previous version). On the latest versions of these programs I rarely see that dastardly beach ball.
    -1 More about stability. I seem to get more "quit unexpectedly" issues under SL than I used to see under Leopard.
    -1 Speed. I find SL to be efficient compared to Windows but it seems to be slightly slower than Leopard on the same hardware.

    As for iWork, iTunes and Steam having issues, I haven't used Steam but I do find iTunes to be less than stable no matter what OS you use it on. iWork, OTOH has been rock solid for me. I also use LibreOffice and my wife uses MS Office 2011 all of which are stable on SL.

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  • alust2013
    Jul 28, 07:51 PM
    I'm thinking the car broke down. It is no easy feat to get a car onto a flatbed without the key.


    katherine jenkins wallpaper. #13 Katherine Jenkins
  • #13 Katherine Jenkins

  • 3goldens
    Mar 13, 10:52 AM
    Are you using this:

    katherine jenkins wallpaper. Katherine Jenkins Serenade
  • Katherine Jenkins Serenade

  • wrldwzrd89
    Sep 28, 03:03 PM
    My ignorance is showing. Thanks, that was it.
    Whose? James Craner's suggestion or mine? You didn't quote the post you used...

    katherine jenkins wallpaper. Katherine Jenkins Rejoice
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  • miles01110
    Apr 24, 07:12 PM
    A quick search for "VPN OS X" should yield multiple results.

    Sep 26, 10:52 AM
    We share your feelings. Congratulations.:) :D ;) :cool:

    Oct 19, 03:10 AM
    Im to young for meetups, but does anybody know if :apple: are doing it at shibuya store? school GINZA YAY!


    mom might say no
    (of-course to meetup but to going in general...maybe)

    I think all the stores worldwide are doing the T-shirt thing. Check out Apple Japan site, Google a translation to get it in English.

    As for the meet up... bring your mom, some of us are probably the same age or older :D

    Apr 25, 01:09 PM
    Yes I agree. I have a thin logitech wireless backlit keyboard and its been on for 4 months and I haven't changed the battery. It is also charged via USB so it works even when it runs out of battery.

    Now that would be a good suggestion for the next version of the apple wireless keyboard (I have the 3 battery version). Sure a USB "charging" port could be added to the back (now that the new version is already 2 battery / 1.5 inches space saved).

    Apple is great with reducing component size (so sure such a charger would be cool).

    PS is there an easy way to check the battery level within the bluetooth wireless keyboard from OS X (or is there no checking hardware within the keyboard)?

    Apr 28, 08:43 PM
    To be honest, I don't think the hackers are trying to unlock the newer basebands. Sherif said in December that there would be an unlock for 3.10 Baseband in Mid January, but obviously that hasn't happened. I am very doubtful they will unlock anything after 1.59.00 before the next iPhone is released (iPhone 5).

    Mar 24, 02:04 PM

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