Thursday, June 9, 2011

paintings of nature

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  • gc_bulgaria
    10-23 08:13 PM
    EAD came with FP notice on 9/29. Received FP today.
    No LUDs since 9/19 and AP status still says "Pending"

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  • paintings of nature.

  • ksvreg
    09-01 04:55 PM
    Looks like preadjudication of pending cases working nice and fast as soon as dates are available. Keep it up. (to the system :))

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  • sankar_203
    09-15 12:50 PM
    PD: Nov 2006
    486 - July 26th 2007(pending)

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  • ganguteli
    05-28 01:22 PM
    How about Lawyers reducing their fees?

    We are all paying so much to lawyers and that fees is much higher than what USCIS charges.

    Why can't lawyers run a campaign or post on their blogs to reduce their fees.


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  • billbuff123
    10-24 03:46 PM
    Can you please suggest any good lawer for this. I talked to my lawer but he said I have to wait for the dates to be current

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  • vivache
    11-08 07:29 PM
    1. I would like to believe that all visa numbers include the dependents etc .. since USCIS has the numbers.
    2. At the same time .. maybe 245i is kicking in .. else the priority dates would be different

    The only thing I'm not clear about is this:
    Is 245i only affecting eb3 and not eb2?

    And also from the answers it looks like, inspite of uscis making the numbers public .. it doesn't help us make a prediction


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  • eb3retro
    04-13 10:39 AM

    First let me thank you all for providing and maintaining such a forum where one can get all the answers related with immigration. This is truly amazing.

    I am a july 2007 filer. My priority date in October 2006. My I 140 was approved in January 2007. I was laid off by my original GC sponsoring company in April 2009. Fortunately, I was able to get a new job under same responsibility description, before my last day with the GC sponsoring employer. I had invoked my AC21 on April 10,2009 and had switched job.

    I have a AP, valid through January 2011 and a EAD valid through August 2010.
    Mu H1B and I 94 has been expired alost an year now. I am working and staying in the country with EAD now with an AOS status.

    I need to travel to India to address some urgent family now. Do you think my travel on AP (especially after invoking Ac21) in risky. I will be travelling through JFK. Has anyone travelled through JFK on AP after invoking AC21?

    Any information will be highly appreciated.
    Folowinga are the documents, that I would be carrying:

    a) I 140 approval notice.
    b) I 485 receipt notice.
    c) valid EAD
    d) valid AP
    e) AC21 protability letter from my immegration layer.
    f) I 140 support letter from my new employer.
    g) Offer letter from my new employer.
    h) termination letter from my earlier employer.
    i) Address proof

    Can anyone let me know their expirence if faced similar situation please.

    do not worry..its going to be perfectly alright. i travelled thru jfk using my AP after using ac21 twice. infact i only gave my passport, along with new i94 filled up , with a copy of the AP at the port of entry to the officer. no questions asked. just remain calm and answer any questions asked politely. AP is for this exact purpose which helps you to exit and enter country during this excruciating time of 485 approval waiting. so, you are good to go as long as you have a valid AP, infact I travelled once using AP, when I didnt have a job here. all it matters when you reenter is if you have a valid AP/VISA to enter the country.

    On a different note, please update your profile. people value that a lot here..

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  • aachoo
    10-13 03:09 AM
    This is a vaccine for a disease that is not communicable. Look at all the other things they ask you to check- TB, HIV etc.

    Suddenly USCIS is so concerned about our health, they need us to take vaccines for some almost experimental drug to avoid one type of cancer.

    What next? We are mandated 30 minutes aerobic exercise a day?


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  • EB2_Jun03_dude
    11-29 03:55 PM
    I am assuming there should be a problem at the POE

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  • arao
    12-21 03:49 PM
    I recently confirmed Netherlands does not need transit visa.
    So, I am flying Northwest.


    I and my family members have EXPIRED STUDENT VISA on the Passort. I have H-1 (H-4) approval till 2008 but no VALID VISA STAMP on our Passport.

    I am planing a TRIP to INDIA in Summer. Since My I-140 is already approved and I-485 pending, I will have ADVANCE PAROLE in my hand when I visit India. I will also attempt to Get H-1B/H-4 stamp at Mumbai, while I am in India.



    YOUR input will help me lot in be prepared and planing for my summer trip.



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  • beautiful paintings of nature.

  • kshitijnt
    05-28 03:05 PM
    Despite increase in visa fees the service is getting poorer and poorer. The US consulate in India has from long time set a arbitrary exchange rate of 54 USD. Despite this and even after having approved petitions, etc, people are getting PIMS verifications, 221(g) etc for no reason. Not to mention the consulate appearance is mandatory and many travel to the location of the consulate.

    Despite charging boat loads of money, service is being denied or unreasonably delayed to most genuine cases as well. No body is questioning them on customer satisfaction etc.

    I filed my 485 under new fees filing structure. Although it looked like expensive upfront cost, I don't pay a dime for my EAD/AP renewals and I am thinking of giving up my H1 when it expires later this year. Why pay them more when you dont have to? and put ourselves through, travel to consulates, additional questions, & 221(g) & PIMS crap?

    This year Mumbai consulate took 3 months to process my wife's case , putting it under 221(g) and by the time they had finished processing , we were back in US on AP. Good riddance to the consulate.

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  • ishakapoor
    02-16 01:41 PM


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  • insight08
    01-15 11:08 AM

    I sent you a pm requesting you to take a look at my situation. Would you be kind enough to give it a glance and let me know your opinion?


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  • zimmy100
    03-25 10:58 AM
    TwinkleM ,

    Why I said great mistake filing I 485 in EB3 COZ,

    1) I have seen many people who has PD in 2006 has already received GC last year
    2) I read one of the forum ( I guess it is Murthy forum), it was a little advise that if you have an opportunity go for HIGH, in my case EB2 and file I 485, if in case it get rejected or so then they are suggesting to file EB3.
    3) History says after 2000 it self dates are current in 2 times one early 2000 and other one recently 2007. Look at the mass filing in 2007 and you can imagine same in early 2000.
    I have been seeing EB3 at 2001 from past 3 years, all I see is May 2001 to Nov 2001 (of course it went up for small time)

    And on different reply,
    Attorney said she will file porting when I get a chance to file I 485 under EB2. In this economy I do not know how long I can stick to the employer.



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  • clif
    07-26 01:17 PM
    How are the dates mentioned in the following press release (on July 20th) to be interpreted:

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  • eb3retro
    09-12 03:40 PM
    Not in the system yet, and no checks cashed.

    Submitted: June 30, 2007
    Reached USCIS: July 2nd, 2007
    Signed for by: J.Barrett @ 10:25 AM

    I have no clue as to what is going on here ...worrying indeed.

    welcome to IV. Please join IV in the DC rally.


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  • nfinity
    07-09 10:15 AM
    Before she changes her job so soon after I-485 approval. Make sure you understand the consequences of not staying with your petitioning employer.

    Your intent may be questioned during Naturalization process. Talk to an attorney. I dont think people can just switch employers after 485 is approved rightaway.

    Just my 2 cents

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  • jkays94
    05-30 11:14 PM
    My PD is Sept 2005 and EB3 India. With the new company I can file EB2. What will be your recommendation?

    I'm not an attorney and with that necessary disclaimer out of the way in regards to not offering legal advice: The danger here is in the details of the bill. Say you move to the new company and you file your LC. And the bill passes, the problem you will face is that your I-140 will have been filed well after the date of introduction of the bill and you would have to go through the proposed merit system. Unless some miracle happens and you get the GC before the bill becomes law, then its a long shot, but life is about risks, if the bill fails then you will have wasted valuable time. I'd suggest you weigh your options carefully and if costs are not an issue, go for it. I'll also urge you to read the IV analysis of the bill which you can find on the home page.

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  • sundarpn
    07-08 11:44 PM
    Wired response from you lawyer. Talk to HR.

    Anyways Congrats!

    10-29 02:03 PM
    stylepoet, while I don't speak for the core-group, I think I represent the majority when I say this: Realistically speaking, if you plan to stay in the US for a very long term and want to do so without any visa hassles (or kids aging out issues that you mentioned), then getting a Green Card (GC) is the best way to go, instead of jumping around non-immigrant visas. And if u r financially capable of being an E2 why not just file for a EB5 GC (which is way faster than EB2 and EB3 these days -- please check out this site for more info)? Sure, there is a difference in the minimum investment reqs. E2 = 200K+ and EB5 = 500k. But if you have lived here for a couple of years (assuming this from the implication that your kids recently turned 21 or are going to turn 21) surely you can makeup the 300k difference. No?

    Please feel free to educate if I am out of line here.

    09-20 10:43 AM
    Hi Mallikonnet,
    Any idea how much it will cost me for H1 Extension. Thanks.

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