Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • Blue Velvet
    Nov 15, 03:46 PM
    I'm also a photoshop wiz...

    Treat yourself: get the iMac G5.

    No Mac is fast enough for my Photoshop mis-adventures, even the dual 2.5s at work.

    Damn the torpedoes! Speed, more speeeeed...

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  • Dagless
    May 25, 08:22 PM
    I didn't like this at first but it grew on me after I played Fallout 3. My girlfriend bought the me whole collection pack thing on Steam, keep meaning to play it but its SO FRICKIN VAST.

    And then there's Morrowind....

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  • rkheyfets
    Feb 21, 11:56 PM
    I better start posting. Thank you for the help, trying to avoid craigslist.

    agreed better to deal here than craigslist or ebay too many shady buyers/sellers

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  • DivineEvil
    May 2, 02:24 PM
    I use one of those cheap ones for more than an year! I'm very satisfied. Although I had to modify it a little bit it costed me about 10$.


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  • gadgetmonster
    Mar 5, 01:00 PM

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  • Macky-Mac
    Sep 23, 03:34 PM
    isn't it usually only open one day a week?.....there was another thread just a few days ago where somebody said it was going to be open daily on a temp basis until the 3rd

    UK Refurb thread (


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    Apr 26, 06:07 PM
    Basically the Mac Pro comes in two different fundamental configurations: a single CPU version and a dual CPU version. These are two different chipsets and unless you reeeally like overspending it is not wise to change this later.

    Consider your needs and first of all determine if the software you'll be using can take advantage of a high number of cores. If you don't know a google or forums search can help, you can also ask about specific software here.

    Once you have determined how many cores you need (or want) you can go straight to the model you need (stock or customized at the apple online store) or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can, as you are proposing, buy a single cpu or dual cpu model and upgrade it with very specific processors. If you want a dual CPU model you CAN'T mix different processors; they have to be identical. If you buy a single CPU model you CAN'T add another CPU later unless you also change the chipset, which is, as I said, very expensive.

    I'd say more here about which CPUs you can upgrade to but I think you first need to determine your actual needs and your budget.

    Alright. Thank you VERY much for all your help! I really am just going to be doing simple edits on my Mac (the clips will be 1080p-Videos taken from the T2I Rebel). In the future however, I might want to learn Aftereffects and other editing programs. I'll first be using ScreenFlow, iMovie and Final Cut X.

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  • johnnymg
    Apr 26, 11:39 PM
    After some research my top 3 sorted options are:

    1.- OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
    2.- Intel X25-M 120GB
    3.- Samsung 470 Series 128GB

    I will be using it as my boot drive for Mac OS X 10.6.7, any suggestion which one would be the best option for speed ?, thanks

    I don't think there is a "best".

    I've been using the OCZ Vertex 2 120GB in my MP and it's been 100% stable (zero sleep issues) and hasn't slowed down in 8+ months of use.


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  • shadrap
    Feb 9, 12:53 PM

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  • countrydweller
    Feb 9, 01:57 PM
    If you like your phone, your provider, post good things about your experiences. This provider battle is growing old fast.... :confused:


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  • iMJustAGuy
    May 25, 04:26 PM
    Glad to see they are still hardworking on fixing and improving "not-new" products.

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  • anmoldagreat
    Jul 1, 08:41 PM
    is this an ips panel or pva?
    and would you be interested in a trade for a dell 2007wfp ips panel plus cash

    the 20in in vertical next to a 30 looks really nice : )


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  • appleisler
    May 5, 07:47 PM
    Not at this point. The time frame will probably be from when they announce the release date at WWDC in early June until the actual release if they don't announce a date at that time, it will be whenever they announce a date. Once they have told people when it is coming out, they don't want to hurt sales, so they offer the new OS.

    Anyone buying from this past Tuesday until that announcement is not eligible for anything less than what anyone else would pay.

    I ordered my new iMac yesterday but it will not even ship until 20 June with estimated delivery date of 25 June - if Lion is announced before they've even shipped it, what do you think then?

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  • skydenyy
    Apr 14, 04:13 AM
    With the same configuration, is a netbook the lighter the better? I am confused. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.


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  • Steve247
    Dec 19, 12:15 PM
    I'll be staying at the Pickwick, 'really looking forward to seeing the city and meeting up with you guys.


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  • mainstreetmark
    Jun 23, 01:40 PM
    wow - this is a really new forum. there's only 15 members.


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  • drew.bowser
    Feb 18, 10:59 AM
    I have not done an SSD per say, but I have made a little side business upgrading the hard drive on 2010 Mac Mini's and selling them on ebay. After having done 10 or so of these, yes you do need to pull the logic board out slightly. The hard drive will not lift up enough to give you the angle you need clear the logic board with out pulling it out.

    That said, only pull it out enough to see a small gap of air between the black beisl in the rear and the alum case.

    WRT the heat sensors... I have found that the smallest amount of rubber cement works well if you you loose the adhesive when transferring the sensor. 8/10 times you will have plenty of stick left though and wont need to add any.

    The black cover I have also assumed was there for air flow as well. If the SSD has a smooth surface, and not logic board to short, you probably can do away with it.

    I will say that the OWC video is dead on. Follow it precisely. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SENSORS ON THE HDD. THEY BREAK VERY EASILY!!

    I found that out the hard way. I have a new sensor on the way as we speak.

    I second everything tek is saying. He's a smart guy :)

    TEK - QUESTION - the can use standard rubber cement? It doesnt have to be a special kind of thermal glue or anything??

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  • macfan881
    Jul 19, 02:16 PM

    absoulty disgusting I'm boycotting Fox on MLB till they do something with McCarver either he apologies or susspended/canned

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  • Small White Car
    May 1, 09:44 PM
    Apple already has a split-system.

    They sell this year's phone for one price and last year's phone for a much cheaper price.

    I don't see any reason why they'd give that up and start selling 2 brand-new models at different prices. I don't understand what that gains them over the current system. Any blog that says there will be a 'pro model' but doesn't explain how that's better than the current system doesn't count much in my opinion.

    Jan 17, 07:25 AM (

    The iLidz Personal Media Viewer was previewed at Macworld, promising "a large screen viewing experience at a fraction of the cost."

    Simply insert your iPhone into the iLidz media viewer, look through the magnifying glass and adjust until focused. Voila. Hands free viewing. I can't say I necessarily felt like I was looking at a large screen, I suppose being hands free while watching a movie could be useful.

    Article Link (

    What kind of movie would you be watching where it would be useful to be hands free? :p

    Mar 21, 06:55 AM
    going CG here. Looks like a 5pm launch, when are u guys expecting to arrive then?

    Sep 28, 06:50 PM
    now how 'bout the other way gentlemen? How do I go from my Powerbook to my girlfriend's pc?

    Apr 21, 09:00 PM
    Some fringe Mormon groups believe in blood atonement. So they'd be able to get away with murder.

    Nov 16, 12:57 AM
    Does the osx version of itunes support non-ipod mp3 players? (namely the creative nomad jukebox zen xtra) I had an ipod (3rd gen) but was unsatisfied with the sound quality.

    Also, do you guys think the the 20" imac is worth the $200 or so jump in price from the 17" imac? I know the resolution isn't much higher, but how much better is the screen? I'm used to a 19" LCD right now.. Is the 20" lcd used in the g5 imacs the same one used in the 20" cinema displays? What about the 17" display, is the one used on the 17" powerbooks?

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