Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • dwwave
    Jan 14, 02:04 PM

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  • brudog68
    Mar 10, 08:41 PM
    Why don't one of you overachievers figure out how to use a BB's tethering for use with an Ipad2 wifi only. Is there already a way to connect usb to ipad via some type of converter etc?

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  • Chupa Chupa
    May 4, 08:42 PM
    Thanks. So, the 27" iMac would support two external 22" hdmi/vga displays then?

    Yes, the 27" supports two external monitors via TB. Each port can support one monitor and 5 other data devices (or no video and 6 data devices). You'd just need the appropriate MDP adapters.

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  • zedsdead
    Mar 19, 06:06 AM
    How does the Mac Mini handle itself when being used directly with a large TV?

    I have a 1080p TV, 46" and plan to use it as a computer to show people how to use iPhoto and iMovie and such. I had my MacBook Air hooked up, and it worked fine as a second monitor but there was minor lag at times. When the Air was hooked up to my Apple 24" LED there is no lag at all so I was wondering if the screen size has anything to do with it.

    Does the Mini handle this situation well? I am currently waiting for the refresh, but wanted some opinions in case this has been an issue or not.


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  • prostuff1
    Sep 22, 06:06 PM
    Well about 5 weeks ago i ordered a new computer and the Canon MP760 printer. I had ben very happy witht the service...until now. I just recieved an e-mail saying that my printer that i had ordered is NOT going to be delivered. While i know i can order a different one that is not the point.

    I am calling apple right now and i am going to try to get that printer put back on my order.

    Wish me luck!!

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  • irishgrizzly
    Apr 12, 11:25 AM
    Client uses Quark 8.5 and wants files in this format, so I've downloaded the trail version of Quark 9. How do I save this back? I had a poke about and figured file > export > layouts as project > pick version 8. Will this work in 8.5?


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  • gdjsnyder
    Feb 14, 06:46 PM
    Probably one of the most non-brilliant, pointless ideas I've ever heard before. What's the point of buying a refurb and then returning it in 14 days? And then're just gonna be iPad-less until the next one. Is 14 days really that thrilling for you? That you need to screw a company. I don't care how much the company has, you're buying an iPad with the sole intent to not keep it - such a waste.

    As to your attitude towards other members, it's really sad. Do you really need to come on the internet and act all high and mighty, and better than others? I'm sorry your life is that sad that you feel such a need to degrade people.

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  • psycoswimmer
    Mar 25, 12:30 PM
    AFAIK, MR has a folding team.


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  • allisonnn
    Oct 24, 02:51 PM
    tice's is better

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  • babybanana
    Apr 27, 06:51 AM

    I am thinking of buying a used Nikon D90 soon for �400. However that's just body only. I have the memory card ready and I just need to purchase the lens, and the bags for it separately just to get me going for now.

    Right, I suppose a few questions I want to ask you guys is

    a) What lens shall I be looking at? Or shall I buy the D90 new with 18-105mm for �670 which maybe cheaper? =/

    b) Will this be okay for long term investment ? The current camera I'm using now is Pentax S7 which I had for about 5 years now roughly and I doubt I'll buy a new SLR body in the future and just invest in the lens to be honest, Unless you guys can recommend me a camera?

    I tend to do lanscape or macro photography mainly rather than anything else. I don't mind about loud shutter noise or video function. I think I've only taken 3 videos since getting that camera. My budget is was �500 but my parents says that if it costs extra for the camera I want and that I won't get bored of it after a while then they'll put some money towards it. I think I'm looking towards �700 max really.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Seasought
    Nov 27, 05:47 PM
    no and i have no idea how to do that. terminal is a bit intimidating.

    im using Verizon DSL. Im connected to a wireless router.

    Ok, just thought I'd ask. You can certainly experiment with it. Open Terminal and type ftp. Type the name of the server, your username and password and play around a bit. Type help once you get logged into your server and take a look at the put and mput commands (they're for uploading files). It's ugly, but it works and may be a good workaround until you resolve your GUI issues.

    Just a thought, you can read up on how to use Terminal in help or online. I'll refrain of typing up some huge confusing instruction set on how to do it since it's not really your first choice here.

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  • tktaylor1
    Apr 7, 09:28 AM
    Ralph Lauren
    Smart Water


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  • AlBDamned
    Sep 7, 09:48 AM
    I really thought that his retirement after this year's Tour was very classy - it is rare (and refreshing) to see somebody going out on top. But it's his call....

    ...As to his fitness, I'm sure few people doubt he is capable of winning an 8th Tour (heck, he could probably go for 10 and do it) - but he knows his own fitness best....

    ....I just hope Lance doesn't end up like Michael Jordan...

    Lance has said he'll retire or has even retired before I think, but coming out of retirement 'just to p*ss them off' is a bit lame. Imagine if he got beaten? He'd look like a chump. I'm not saying he would get beaten, but coming out of retirement on that agenda is asking for trouble. Sticking two fingers up at them has already been done by whipping everyone for the last 7 years. I think the French are just pissed that the tour became Tour de Lance instead of Tour de France.

    PS. Don't diss MJ - you run a good chance of being struck down.... ;)

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  • rockinrocker
    Apr 25, 01:26 PM


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  • Chef Medeski
    Nov 30, 05:19 PM
    The Bluetooth Mouse is still available guys!!
    Would you be willing to trade the bluetooth mouse for a bluetooth MacMice?

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  • Cabbit
    Feb 12, 03:21 PM
    I tried a few of the CMS systems and found them not to fit my needs so i run my own CMS built on Zend Framework for my clients.


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  • Doctor Q
    Mar 16, 06:00 PM
    Infractions are semi-automated reminders, which the moderators usually use instead of individually written private message to save time, ensure consistency, and to maintain our records. Some forum sites use infractions with associated "points" to ban users when they reach a certain threshold, but we don't. Common sense tells us that warnings and reminders are usually all that's needed when users stray outside the rules (anything from minor issues to major violations).

    If a user consistently breaks a rule and ignores warnings then the moderators look at the seriousness of the rule and the violations, the individual circumstances, the user's overall history, and any communications from the user to decide if they think the user can be convinced to observe the rules using further discipline, typically a temporary forum suspension. If the bad habits still don't change then a permanent ban is eventually called for. This path of escalation is necessarily faster for serious problems but is intended to give users a chance to comply as well as to understand what's expected of them under the rules.

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  • dr_lha
    Aug 3, 09:13 AM

    E-PL1 support finally. :D

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  • gkarris
    Mar 18, 01:15 PM
    How can you tell I'm bored today... :)

    Maybe you need to get out (from this forum) more?

    enjoy... ;)

    Apr 7, 12:54 PM
    Can you set up a DMZ where is in the DMZ?

    Sep 28, 07:38 AM
    Thank you!

    jeremy h
    Jan 11, 06:44 AM
    Another vote for Linotypes Font Explorer.

    I think it's great. After the switch to OSX I found Suitcase a world of pain!

    (It was great in 7,8 and 9!)

    Mar 20, 02:40 PM
    Well, If you own 2 keyboards and 2 mice then why don't you check to see if your monitor already supports 2 computers and that will save you money?

    May 4, 12:26 PM
    just chatted with a representative:

    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Hi Robert Kaplarczuk,
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Thank you for contacting Monoprice Tech Support.
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): My name is Lacey H.. Give me a moment while I review your question.
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): How are you doing today Robert Kaplarczuk?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: very good I'm going to be purchasing the new iMacs and had a question about the HDMI converter
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Alright, how can I help you with that?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: it says that it goes in the mini display port which the new iMacs have
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Correct
    Robert Kaplarczuk: however at the botom of the page it also says thunderbolt compatible which the iMacs also have
    Robert Kaplarczuk: how is it t
    Robert Kaplarczuk: hunderbolt compatible
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Correct
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): it it FULLY thunderbolt compatible
    Robert Kaplarczuk: so it can be connected to the thunderbolt port as well?
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Yes, the thunderbolt port is a mini displayport, basically an upgraded mini displayport port
    Robert Kaplarczuk: ok thank you\
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: so basically any mini display port wire ordevice can be used in a thunderbolt
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Yes, thunderbolt is fully backwards compatible, however that does not mean it will give your devices thunderbolt compatibility if they have the previous displayport version.
    Robert Kaplarczuk: thank you

    Question guys:

    What she mean by previous display port version? Does her explanation mean that certain devices do not have to have Thunderbolt ports only mini display ports to plug ihnto the thunderbolt port?

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