Friday, June 3, 2011

jay sean Bilders

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  • peapody
    Jun 20, 10:00 PM
    Tried to send you a pm, but your box is full.

    Put me in line, if not first in line pending pics. I would like a machine of these specs. Consider me a serious buyer if there is no serious damage.

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  • highdefw
    Apr 21, 03:03 AM
    I can max it in Maya with fluid simulations...that's a good size scene, but definitely possible.

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  • chille
    Apr 30, 10:27 AM
    Since the update, my iChat doesn't display my contacts names from Facebook anymore, just their numeric ID.
    Anyone who has a clue how to fix this?

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  • mac jones
    May 2, 07:55 PM
    SSD's a very useful. The previous post is a good idea. If your strapped for cash, you can get a 30GB SSD and do what the previous poster suggested.

    It's really a very useful upgrade, and can be done on a shoestring.

    Note: Apple themselves are moving to Solid state. I wouldn't be surprised if the next round of machines will all have dedicated flash Boot partitions separate from the main HD options. (just a guess).


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  • DJsteveSD
    Mar 11, 04:14 PM
    can get there til after 3:30! :confused:

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  • alansmallen
    Oct 26, 03:24 PM
    Security guarding the store.:apple:


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  • soundman2385
    Oct 27, 01:06 AM
    don't be too worried my computer came out just fine during the upgrade. everything was left just the way it was. It was a very painless upgrade but that's a good thing :). Everyone have fun with the your new toy. :apple:

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  • d4nn0
    Dec 16, 09:00 AM
    Try starting your machine holding down option(alt) with the original startup CD and start "apple hardware test" it migth give you a clue.

    nope... tried it before and everything passed


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  • ucfgrad93
    Feb 10, 11:55 AM
    Damn, what a sad way to go.

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  • jessica.
    Oct 24, 07:42 PM
    ^ when claiming work as your own be sure to remove the copyright. :rolleyes:



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  • liamkp
    Jul 1, 08:31 PM
    The iPod touch bluetooth only works for headphones. There's no profile for anything else. Even if there was one, there's no user visible file system on the iPod Touch.


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  • Dustintendo
    Dec 5, 09:42 PM
    a 500 dually should be planty fast, although im not sure if those 2 500s act as a 1ghz in osx, or if the application has to be multithreaded

    maybe somone could answer that


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  • hexagonheat
    Aug 12, 10:49 PM
    Ugh Quicktime is terrible and needs to die. I dislike it almost as much as I disliked realplayer back in the late 90's.

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  • Project Guru
    Feb 22, 07:46 AM
    So would it be accurate to say that if the CD-ROM was authored with Flash as an executable then it would be harder to extract individual assets (i.e., videos, images & PDFs)? But then again, what would prevent the infringer from just copying over the whole disc? Right?

    Thanks to all for your replies. You guys are awesome! You have helped clear things up in my mind.



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  • j763
    Oct 17, 06:26 AM
    Dude, it's apple. you need to b*tch like anything to them to get it fixed. Ask to be transferred to second tier, yell down the phone, whatever it takes... You just have to be really $#!++y with them and then they'll co-operate. that's the only way i could get my base station replaced. trust me, i tried the nice approach, doesn't work, you've just got to be pissed off enough to make them want to fix the problem so they don't have to hear about it any more.

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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 19, 02:50 PM
    SETI, not my cup of tea.

    i started folding a few days after my younger (and only) sister died from something that is being studied by F@H. she made it 2 days past her 35th birthday, and left a 4 month old baby and widow (and me) behind. i've been folding ever since, and won't stop until they quit giving out work units. period.

    thanks to all who fold here/there/everywhere.

    I'm sorry for your loss, she was in the prime of her life. some day, due to our efforts, many like her will live long and happy lives.


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  • StrongGlad
    Jul 14, 03:22 AM
    When Airport Extreme came out, I remember reading that it wasn't possible for Apple to release an AE card that would fit in the older Airport slots because the bus speed of the Airport slot was insufficient to support AE speeds. That makes very little sense to me, however, since the Airport slot looks and acts pretty much like an ordinary PCMCIA slot, and if 3rd-party vendors can make an 802.11g card for the PCMCIA slot, then why not for the Airport Slot? Oh well.

    I would love an 802.11g card for my Pismo, but I just can't stand the thought of having something sticking out the side :P

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  • blueflame
    Feb 2, 07:27 PM
    sorry, something about the sentences, it just doesn't stick

    I was suppose to trade this to another member, but the member Never ship his as agreed, I was able to have mine sent back to me, he just printed a label and never shipped...

    So I am looking to trade this phone for a unlocked 4G iphone, Must work on Tmoble, I have tons of refs here and sold over 100 items....

    Please PM me if you want to trade really need it ...I also do not use MP3 or videos so a 4G is great :)

    you will also get the 100.00 rebate....

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  • itsme92
    Apr 16, 12:16 AM
    If I am going to hook up my Xbox 360 with HD DVD drive up to a 1080p TV, which will look better: VGA or HDMI? The reason I am asking this is because I want to know whether to go for the Premium or the Elite, seeing as I don't like the black color of the Elite and don't think that I'll fill up the 20GB hard drive in the premium. Does VGA look just as good as HDMI? Because then I think I'm just going to go for the premium. Or are the rumors true, and will the Elite, once it sells a certain number, have its price cut and become white again?

    Apr 7, 07:17 AM
    under armour
    clarks (shoes)

    Oct 23, 03:48 PM
    I'll be there in my hospital scrubs by 6pm. This is turning out to be a great week. Started on a down with me being sick for 4 days after a flu shot. Wed my son turns 12, Thursday we are going to the hockey game (go lightning) and Friday I'm bringing home a big cat.

    see ya all there,


    Aug 15, 07:29 PM
    That's really expensive for a banner.

    May 4, 01:30 AM
    Huh. Interesting. I've been waiting for this feature to come to iMacs, but I find it curious why they didn't mention this at all in the iMac section of the site. :confused:

    Grey Beard
    Sep 28, 04:23 PM
    It really is driving me nuts staying pent up in my dorm on Wednesday nights, when I'm in a dancing mood, so you have no idea how much I'll love you if you can find me a good place to go dancing on Wed. nights.

    Thanks :),

    Come on, even the Lord of the Dance deserves a night off doesn't he.
    aka Grey Beard

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