Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • Jason Beck
    Aug 9, 02:25 AM
    I could have used a splayd tonight.


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  • Lopez.T.H.
    Sep 25, 09:45 PM
    Im selling my Shuffle hoping to get at least $100 - $120 for it. Im looking at a 20Gb iPod <- Wayyy too much space or a nano. I like the nano because I already take my Shuffle everywhere with me. I like the screen of the nano well because its color and you can view pictures. But a 20Gb or 10Gb 3Gen would be a bit big. And I like the portability of the nano. Its small so I can keep it in my pocket with other school stuff ( ID, pens, ect) and from some pictures I have seen of it it fits in any pocket. I have only 3.6Gb of music so a 4Gb model would be fine. And about 50Mb of pictures. Any advice?

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  • SmilesLots
    Apr 14, 01:02 PM
    This is a relatively new 3.0 TB disk, Strange that it would go bad after less than 3 months.

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  • akaralias
    May 5, 07:57 PM
    +1. I expect it will be released by end of June or early July. I'm not in a hurry as I have a family member buying my 2007 iMac. And I would prefer it pre-installed. Price is certainly a consideration. But as some have pointed out, with the Mac App Store, they may very well sell the DL version for less. I also hope Lion gets rid of the traditional optical and goes USB or DL only. That said I would love to see all restore disks be USB but I'm not sure that OS X can boot from a USB?

    Yes it does I am testing Lion of a USB LaCie drive.


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  • Kaiden
    Jun 20, 05:43 PM
    Really... I can not believe this is a topic.... LIVE YOUR LIVES for the next 4 days...

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  • chrono1081
    Dec 25, 12:02 AM
    My computers. I realized the other day I have no skill I could live on if I didn't have a computer lol.


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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 24, 08:00 AM
    And that's still correctly connected in Interface Builder? If you check the value of abc in awakeFromNib inside LoginRegisterViewController is it nil?

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  • JeffTL
    Dec 31, 01:55 AM
    Well, I use Microsoft's software (Office 2004) more than just about anything non-Apple, and you have to admit that there is NO WORD PROCESSOR that can parallel Word for Mac in terms of file format compatiblity, features, reliability, ease of use, and name recognition. OpenOffice doesn't even run on Aqua yet, and AbiWord is still a bit shaky. The one thing AbiWord has that I wish Word had is a Latin spelling dictionary -- and there are probably very few Latinists out there who feel the need to spellcheck their Latin with MS Word. Excel is as good as any other spreadsheet and PowerPoint's native files will work on Windows (unlike Keynote). I've never actually used Entourage but it looks to be better than Outlook. Virtual PC is nothing shameful, either.

    Brettrix (, if I recall correctly) by Angela Brett and Rob Rix truly does deserve its title of "Swiss Army Cuckoo of Tetrices" -- a better OS X Tetris is yet to be seen by these eyes.

    And who can forget Photoshop Elements? Adobe's Mac software is pretty good -- Photoshop Elements 2 lets me do most of the stuff I did on Windows with Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.

    Also there is Ambrosia. Beyond even such fine games as Deimos Rising, you have Wiretap.


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  • TheGimp
    Mar 16, 03:47 PM
    don't even go there. :o I went out and bought Bullet Witch & SSX Blur today :rolleyes: That on top of Motorstorm PS3 arriving in the post :D :rolleyes: :D I'm not sure if I'm a gamer or addicted to shopping :D

    Depends on how you are actually spending your time, not your money. Gamers mainly game, shoppers mainly shop (or talk shop talk). Others are somewhere in between. If you are actually immersing yourself in the games once they arrive - not just imbibing on their novelty and promises of blissful abandon - then I would say you are a gamer through and through. If after reading this you're still on the fence regarding in which camp you belong, then just ask yourself the next time you have a substantial chunk of free time whether you'd rather be playing a game than reading about it and milking the purchase of vicarious enjoyment of others.

    SotN looks great. I also like the idea of a sharper hd version and the attractive border wrapped around the inset game. What would also be cool (er, not exactly, but...) would be ability to toggle between original (100&#37; emulated) music and enhanced soundtrack with high-end DSP (easy on these new consoles).

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  • reberto
    Dec 10, 01:22 AM
    Is the software Mac or PC compatible?


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  • ActionableMango
    Apr 25, 07:13 PM
    If you order quickly you can try the following Superbiiz coupon code for 15% off, but it may have already expired.


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  • nobunaga209
    Dec 25, 09:00 PM
    ^^I wouldn't go as far as to post pics of my daughter but def agree. Wouldn't ever live without her this month or any other month for that matter.


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  • aethelbert
    Mar 18, 08:46 PM
    I think only a few east coast stores ever had them, and you were required to activate in store to prevent re-selling.

    Anyways, that doesn't apply at all to anyone international. eyemac, no don't worry about it :) I'd prefer to keep offers to PM just for privates sake but I will comment that I'm looking for a little more because I still lose a few dollars there, and I really don't want to lose any money. I'm seeing them go for $450-$550 on eBay so that would be optimal but I don't expect that here, of course.

    Please bid if you are interested :)
    They can now be purchased online as well in all parts of the country for $249 through AT&T (there's no contract when buying the phone, either), there's a thread about it in the iPhone news forum. So I think that price would be very optimistic, as anyone on here could get one for $249 and have it unlocked in twenty minutes.

    Also, if it's a refurb, why does it come in the packaging for new phones? IIRC, refurb iPhones come in brown boxes...

    Your best bet is ebay, especially if you want prices like that.

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  • gorskiegangsta
    May 3, 10:28 AM
    It is the unibody MacBook. Will it hurt anything to try installing it?

    If your 2008 model does have DDR3 in it - that means it'll be compatible. It'll just downclock to 1067.

    Try installing it and if the computer doesn't start up and/or sees performance issues just swap the old one back :cool:


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  • 2nyRiggz
    Mar 16, 01:01 PM
    Sounds cool, I might have to give it a whip...10 freaking dollars..pump us to death.


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  • ~Shard~
    Sep 23, 05:09 PM
    Welcome to the family! ;) If you have any questions at all, just ask them here on MacRumors - there are more than enough knowledgeable and friendly people here to help you out no matter what it is you may need. :cool:


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  • shivermetimbers
    Oct 3, 10:20 PM
    I bought AC/DC Bonfire at Fye....excellent condition and the price was good.

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  • LARQ1
    Jul 4, 01:59 PM
    HELLO :


    1 --Apple Store at the Falls


    ATT Stores

    there are 2 in 88 St ( Kendall Drive) one on 107 and the other one by 122nd

    or the One in US 1 by Dadeland

    and around what time ??

    Thnak you !!

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  • Kwyjibo
    Jul 9, 09:27 PM
    haveu tried reparing permissions? and checking the mic/volume settings? I've been able to use ichat AV, and itunes on with 10.2.6 running perfectly and i have the same computer

    Jun 12, 01:10 AM
    +1 for ifixit and I'm sure there are many others with the same opinion.

    I have not had good luck with sunvalleytech. They shipped a faulty Powerbook G4 power brick and didn't respond to emails.

    Apr 20, 08:20 AM
    I was going to make a new thread but came across this post. I want to implement scenario #2. What mode would I put the airport express in? Would they be broadcasting the same network twice if I wired it up like this (meaning I would see WirelessNetworkName twice)?

    put it in "extend (bridge mode)" under connection sharing on the internet page.
    then give it the same SSID and security settings as the main base.
    your devices will automatically switch to the stronger signal as you move around the house. it will only appear once.
    most large locations (like airports (not apple's devices, but the places with airplanes)) do this, and you never know.

    that's only if you are using the same flavor of wireless (B,G, or N) on both units, if you are trying to create separate G & N networks, still use the bridge mode but give them different names. (up to you if the security settings are the same or not)

    Apr 10, 07:53 PM
    And yet another one (2 in five minutes!!). Links to

    Jun 21, 01:21 AM
    I have an apple pre-order for july 2nd. No reservation for 24th, but thinking about camping out...

    el greenerino
    Dec 20, 02:45 PM
    Well if you get a negative and slide scanner and decide ou don't need it anymore, drop me a PM ;)

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