Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • Detosx
    Feb 21, 06:15 AM
    Not with holy water, I hope.Thanks, torbjoern, as we know all computers raise concerns but less so Macs, your holy water comment made me laugh! I hope Steve is receiving blessings and good care and he is in my thoughts and prayers.

    I ran some technical inquiries past OWC and found them helpful. It is a pity they don't have a store in the UK. Unless I am wrong on this and I don't know about the Mini, Samsung (and possibly Hynix) seem to be the only wholly reliable brand at 16GB in the 2010 iMac, which further cements my generally good view of Samsung. I will probably have to order from OWC and absorb the shipping/customs.

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  • hasek3139
    Jun 28, 10:14 AM
    yeah im probably camping at my att store, gonna get there at midnight for 7 am opening....... i dont want to take any chances!

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  • Jax Mac
    Sep 22, 01:40 PM
    Hi all,

    Can anyone give me your personal thoughts on the 20" iMac? I'm currently using an old Powermac desktop (It's a 4 -1/2 year old, dual 1 Ghz Quicksilver). If the Intel switch wasn't around the corner, I'd have a new desktop already. My main work is in Photoshop, Illustrator, and occasionally some 3D programs.

    Anyway, I was thinking of getting a 20" iMac to hold the fort while I wait. Would I notice any bump in speed for graphics programs? (My desktop has been reliable but occasionally quirky). I'm also considering using the 20" iMac after it's out of date as a TV or as a display at exhibitions to show video or Flash movies of new products.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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  • alust2013
    Jul 28, 07:51 PM
    I'm thinking the car broke down. It is no easy feat to get a car onto a flatbed without the key.


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  • AmTechFox
    Nov 14, 04:04 AM
    iTunes Connect to Shutter Over Christmas, Apparently Still Open Over Thanksgiving

    I believe you mean: to shut, not shutter? :D

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  • toxthexnines
    Oct 26, 04:43 PM
    im 14 out of 20 people and i see them unloading shirts and the leopard.


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  • nexsta
    Feb 12, 01:52 AM
    The iPhone 4 was a failure at launch. The antenna is broken. It drops Internet connections and calls if held a certain. The glass claiming to be strong is weak sauce and the only good things on the phone are the cameras and screen.*
    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    I think its time for you to go out and get some fresh air, meet some friends or do some sport or something.

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio#39;s alleged

  • germanjulian
    Jun 15, 05:32 AM

    anyone coming down? Who wants to meet up at 7am (or earlier?).

    I shall bring cookies for everyone, mcdonalds for myself and some water (trying not to drink to much :D)


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  • Sun Baked
    Sep 17, 03:14 PM
    Dual channel memory -- requires pairs of DIMMs that meet the minimum spec.

    Machine looks at both DIMMs as one big DIMM.

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  • freeny
    Dec 9, 11:06 AM
    We have 4 g5's in the room I work in and NO windows. Gets VERY TOASTY.


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  • Leonardo DiCaprio Associated

  • bartelby
    Aug 9, 12:52 AM
    I couldn't - The file size is too large. :(
    (thanks for pointing that out though) I can downsize it and sacrifice its quality to fit the attachments but I can't replace the current one with it - it won't look right.

    You could attach a smaller image for the comp. and also have the larger image because it's so bloody good!!

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  • leonardo dicaprio titanic pics

  • KylePowers
    Apr 12, 01:12 AM
    Heyyy everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has seen or owns an iPhone 4 replacement back that happens to have a kickstand?

    I know there are plenty of cases out there that have kickstands, but I think a replacement back with one would be pretty cool.

    And if not, can anyone recommend a nice thin clear case with kickstand? Thanks!


    EDIT: Too many Forum tabs open... Whoops! =\


    leonardo dicaprio fotos. Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Leonardo Dicaprio

  • Badger^2
    May 4, 11:04 AM
    Now, once iPhoto has opened/launched, will it operate any faster or smoother if iPhoto is installed on a ssd vs. if it was on a hdd?

    Probably not. If your iPhoto library is anything like my iPhoto library -- it would eat up 1/2 of a 256 gig SSD. Same with my iTunes library. And my movies folder.

    So your iPhoto library will have to be on the platter drive.

    Same people who talk about their "tons of Aperture work with RAW files" -- well those files wont be fitting on a 256 gig SSD.

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  • robanga
    May 3, 05:45 PM
    I was listening to a podcast on this ...Google " Typical Mac User" a recent episode coached anyone to simply fill up the SSD with a video or five and then erase everything back to factory state.


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  • Blu101
    Oct 15, 11:43 PM
    Thanks :D

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio Picture

  • cbegf
    Nov 13, 08:53 PM
    After about 10yrs i finally pulled our old SE out of the closet hoping someone has a solution to my problem! As soon as it boots up it goes right to the screen saver and it asks for a password and noone has a clue what it is how can i get this fixed?? I dont want to format it cause then i might as well throw it then. I want all the games i had on it. Can anyone help me save this thing????


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  • Leonardo DiCaprio

  • ECUpirate44
    May 2, 01:14 PM
    just go to finder and applications and move to the trash ?

    Yes, that will get rid of the bulk of the app.

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  • tonynkh
    Jan 23, 09:56 PM
    Have anyone tried to use a ipod touch 4th gen on tomtom car kit for iphone?

    I got a iphone but my gf got a ipod touch 4th gen, i don't wanna buy 1 car kit for each.


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  • fel10
    May 5, 12:24 PM
    There should be a -1000 button for threads like these... Or - "Lowest Ranked".

    There also should be more members with a sense of humor in this forum.

    Apr 22, 05:14 PM

    I am planning on selling my 17'' MBP to one of my good friends as I'd like to switch to a MacBook Air since it will better suit my needs. I was wondering if anybody has an idea of what a fair price would be.

    Here are the general specs:

    Purchased: Spring 2007
    Monitor: 17''
    Processor: 2.33 GHz Inter Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Snow Leopard OS

    Any feedback is appreciated, thanks

    Apr 11, 08:21 AM

    Yeah, the credit is the points - in this case 481 points.

    However, these WU (and all the other SMP core_A3 and core_A5 ones) also qualify for Quick Return Bonus Points.
    Basically, there is a sliding scale that rewards quick return with more points. This is done to encourage people to just run one client quickly, rather than multiple ones more slowly.

    However, to qualify for these bonus points (that are often worth 10 times the base points), you'll need a passkey - see here:

    You can calculate how many points you expect to receive here:

    Hope that helps

    Thanks. So, when do they score the bonus points? I only have the base points (481) so far, but should’ve gotten 968 more points.

    Apr 30, 11:47 PM
    I have seen posts in which people ask about gaming on the mac without windows, using multiple monitors, or thinking of upgrading to a mac pro. None of these accurately describe my problem. I know that mac os x does not support crossfire.

    I have a 2009 mac pro. I use os X for everything except gaming. The 5770 does what I need it to do on the mac side. Gaming under bootcamp with windows 7 is not as good as I would like. I will only be using one ACD 27" and no other monitor. I do not wish to put a 2nd PSU in the 2nd optical bay slot.

    So, should I order another 5770 and use it in crossfire or sell the 5770 that I have and upgrade to the 5870. As I recall, crossfire is not a mobo thing. If this has been answered before, I apologize in advance.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Apr 23, 10:07 AM
    I don't think this will need a data plan

    That looks good, but I did a review search and it was cited as having low audio volume. I would need that for my older mom.

    Anything else?

    Apr 14, 08:36 AM

    Will the proximity sensor work?

    It depends, there are companies who know how to fix it and there are companies who do not. I have the five star shaped screws and in most cases with these screws, the proximity usually never works. Mine on the other hand works flawlessly so once again do your research and see which company can resolve that issue.

    Will the earpiece work?

    Im not even sure why people are heaving earpiece problems, i was watching the whole process of my iPhone being converted (Asking questions, being nosy, and annoying) and there nothing to do with the ear speaker being connected, removed, or disconnected. I do see something that might be a problem, the new speaker mesh i have in my white kit has glue on it so it might clog it up later on with dust.

    Are these faulty in all white conversions?

    You need to do your research and you have to really go into detail with each of these companies. If i was you, i would not trust anything below $200 unless its a kit.

    How bad is the camera really?

    I think over the time that i have been on these forums, i have heard so many issues with the camera and primarily because people forget to remove a film on the back or on the camera lens it self. Camera should not be an issue unless you're missing the flash diffuser, if you miss that then most likely you will have white bleed through. The only way a part can be missing a diffuser is if its really cheap quality.

    Hope this helps

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